Helping you discover Mallorca since 1952

In 2019 we redesigned our business: Motos Formentor SL changed its name to Formentor Rent a Car. We changed our name and modernised the website but never left aside the roots that made us what we are: a story that began in 1952 at the hands of Martí Amengual, his wife Joana Aina Mascaró and Gabriel Quetglas.

Emigrating from the inner island to Puerto de Pollensa, they opened a small office in Carrer de les Monges with rental bicycles and 11 different vespa models hoping that the emerging tourism industry on the island would provide a better living than life in the country. It wasn’t until 1959 that Motos Formentor acquired its first cars: three Renault 4x4 and two Renault Dauphines, second hand, brought from Barcelona due to the unavailability of cars for sale in Mallorca. 

In 1960 the business bought its first SEAT 600s: they quickly became the flagship car of Motos Formentor, as they had across Spain. These changes led to the company moving to a larger office in 1965 (with Gabriel Quetglas no longer part of the business), then located in the same street and where Motos Formentor would take on its first employee.

With 5 hired employees and a fleet of 50 cars and 20 motorbikes, 1972 was the year Motos Formentor made its first runs to the airport and opened the current head office located in Passeig Saralegui of Port de Pollença. By 1975 and with the tourism boom in full swing, the fleet grew to 110 cars, mainly thanks to the new service feature option, of delivering the car right to the customers at their hotel or holiday home in Mallorca’s northern region. Crucial was also the collaboration with the island’s first tour-operators, OSL and Travel Club, who provided cars from Motos Formentor in their holiday rental homes.

The company’s generational transition began to come about in 1978 when Martí Amengual Mascaró, son of Martí and Juana Aina, started working in the business as a workshop assistant. It was in the 1980s that the company’s activity increased causing the opening of two new offices –one in Puerto de Pollensa and another in Cala Sant Vicenç– and acquiring 50 more cars.

The Motos Formentor fleet steadily increased alongside the business itself but only in 1986 did one of its key components become part of it: Antonia Caldés Munar, wife of Martí Amengual Mascaró. That same year, the Amengual Caldés married couple took the reins of the family enterprise. 

During the 1990s and early two-thousands the business became settled: the car fleet’s continual renewal went on, without significant increase. In 2007, we opened our office in Ca’n Pastilla in order to streamline one of the business’s star core services: rental car delivery to the airport of Palma de Mallorca. This in turn led to another increase in the Motos Formentor SL fleet.

Many things have changed in these 65 years but not our desire to help you discover Mallorca in the best way possible: covering it in your own time and pace with a rental car.

We are proud to be part of Ibacar , AEVAB (Balearic Islands Vehicle Rental Group with and without Driver), ZonTuRent (National Rent a Car Association in tourist areas), be accredited by the Directorate-General for Tourism and certified by the Tourism Secretary of State: